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Land Entitlement

The founder of CEF is a native to the SF Bay Area who resides in Oakland which enables him to have a deep understanding of both the political climate and inner workings of the surrounding communities. The Bay Area is known for having strong, well informed, and socially active communities. CEF has worked tirelessly and continuously on relationship building with not only community stakeholders but also with public officials. CEF navigates their clients through the unique dynamics of cities like Oakland in order to ensure a smooth process for potential developers. CEF is a trusted ethical business that facilitates mutually beneficial relationships between communities, city officials, and developers.


CEF establishes and maintains social media campaigns for its clients in order to provide transparency to the community. These campaigns allows us to speak on behalf of our clients so that we can control the narrative associated with who the developers are as well as providing updates on when meetings and public hearings are being held. When the community feels heard, included, and valued, businesses runs smoother, this is what CEF can offer.

914 West Grand Ave

CEF facilitated full land entitlement for mixed use residential and commercial development.

Lakehouse Commons

CEF created and managed community outreach efforts for the land entitlement of a mixed income, mixed use residential and commercial development.

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